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                   Jersey Giant





On our farmstead we currently are placing focus on raising Jersey Giant Chickens. This is a majestic breed of chicken and comes in four different colors; Black, White, Blue and Splash.  Two of the colors Black and White are recognized by the American Poultry Association.  The Jersey Giant Chicken is the largest purebred chicken recognized in the American Standard of Perfection.  Males/Roosters weights are 13 lbs for standard and 38 oz for Bantams; Female/Hens weights are 10 lbs for standards and 34 oz for Bantams. This is a dual purpose bird with skin color yellow with a single comb and it produces large brown eggs.  This large bird was created in Burlington County New Jersey during the late 19th century by John and Thomas Black.  Hens will go brood and the bird does well in most climates.  The original purpose of the bird was to replace the turkey for those who wanted an alternative meat, but when the industrialized processing of turkeys and chickens exploded the breed was slowly forgotten by most except for a few dedicated breeders that felt the breed was worth preserving.  It is on the watch list at the Livestock Conservancy.