The American Guinea Hog is an American Heritage Breed that is believed to be one of America's first domestic hog breed to be found on many small family farms and homesteads.  This breed is the ideal pig for sustainable living. It has many qualities that are desirable to small farms, considering what the breeds purpose was meant for. The breed is generally black in color but there are occasional red sport's in some blood lines. Weight ranges in the breed for Boars are 200 to 300 lbs, while females are generally around 200 lbs. The American Guinea Hog is a multipurpose breed, which means it served the farm in many ways. To name a few; it is a great forage animal and does very well fending for itself if it is exposed to wooded and grassy areas to thrive, it is a lard type pig and also an exceptional meet breed.  In fact it has been named in Slow Food USA as being one of the most flavorful and marbled meats compared to many other breeds by top chefs around the world.  Because of its size it is suitable for small families for a food source and very manageable to feed and care for.  The temperment of this breed is great.  While piglets don't like to be picked up they are easily calmed by spending time and often petting during feeding. Mothers have great parental skills and generally don't show aggression if they have been socialized. Boars are also calm when raised in an environment where they are in contact with humans on a regular basis.  This breed is on the Threatened list at the Livestock Conservancy.